2018. Diversity: Becoming, Belonging, Believing, T-TUDOK Zrt., Budapest
2017. Q21 residency workshop, Vienna, Austria
2017. Theatre of the Oppressed workshop ÖSVÉNY Tapasztalati Tanulás Konferencia, Hungary
2017. Theatre of the Oprressed workshop for educators, FORRÁS élménypedagógiai konferencia, Hungary
2017. Pestalozzi Péntek - Sexual Education in Schools, Council of Europe Pestalozzi Programme workshop for teachers, Budapest, Hungary
2017. Gender Equality Day, Törökbálint, Hungary
2017. C.U.R.E. festival SLANT, Hungary, Budapest
2016. Budapest Ma(g)dalenas workshop, MÜSZI, Hungary, Budapest
2016. május 12. Sexual Education in Hungary, Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe (EYCE) and World Student Christian Federation – Europe (WSCF-E) Study Session, “Let´s Talk about Sexuality – The Explosive Power of Taboo Subjects”, Hungary, Budapest
2016. Youth Policy Review workshop for educators, Pillar Alapítvány, Hungary, Budapest
2015.  "Lépj közelebb - segítő gondolatok és kezek..." conference workshop about sexual education for people in special need, Hungary

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